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Anyone can trade -- Forex Trading vs. Crypto Trading

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Cold Wallets | Crypto Security

We have our ear to the ground! If you are serious about keeping your cryptocurrency investment safe and offline after trading, purchasing or swapping, then you need the most secure Wallet on the market so that you may transact safely and securely.

Crypto Investment

Wealth creation campaigns which are on-going, staking platforms to use which give good returns, portfolio managers which allow you to see your holdings, the legit FX Brokers to use and the most reliable sources for arbitrage software (proven over time).

SafePal Wallet S1

Invested and backed by Binance

1.3' high resolution screen - Accessible and friendly, showing every detail of your asset --


It connects to iPhone or Android via encrypted QR code. No need to for a PC / Notebook. Make transactions anytime, anywhere.

Scan and send

Make transactions with a simple scan at your fingertips -- SafePal Wallet S1 supports 500+ digital currencies with more to come.

Private key is 100% offline

Keep your recovery phrase safe and private! What if your SafePal gets lost? Just recover your assets on another SafePal or BIP39/BIP44 compatible wallet using the recovery phrase. No Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC or any other radio frequency signals...


How does it work?

Whether you just started investing in digital currencies or are already trading like a pro, CoinTracking can track all your transactions in real-time.

This is a Digital Exchange Portfolio Manager that connects many exchanges through an API and allows you to see where your various crypto assets are. All your crypto assets are managed from a single platform!

Get 10% discount for all Account Upgrades on CoinTracking...
for serious Crypto Traders.

Coin Tracking

What is Blockonomics ?

Blockonomics is for those who have an e-commerce website and who want to offer users an easy way to convert their bitcoin to fiat currency with a single click and also to receive payments directly to your wallet.


Blockonomics Online Payment Solution

Description on the left and ...the setup is explained in the video below!

Blockonomics is a decentralized and permissionless bitcoin payment solution

Watch the Blockonomics Video and expand your knowledge ...

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Best Crypto Loan Companies

Celcius Crypto Loan

nexo loan Nexo Crypto Loan


Best Wallet


This is the most secure hardware wallet ever made. It is built from scratch utilizing applied cryptography and hardware security. .

Completely Offline
Unparalleled level of inherent anti-tampering -- Secret key generation -- Transaction signing, keeps your holdings away from any online attacks and is the corner stone of NGRAVE’s impenetrable security ecosystem.
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